Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Latest Work Now in SALA Festival 2012

The most recent of my creations have found their way onto the walls of a trendy clothing store called Aqua Boutique in Norwood. Co-existing with the present shop fitout, my characters sit comfortably in between an array of colourful deer-heads, and they appear to be quite at home up there:

There are lots of other venues throughout the area hosting brilliant artwork by local artists, so if you are anywhere near Norwood during the month of August you should definitely check them out. If you are not near Norwood, then I suggest you make a trip out there, it is definitely worth a visit!

This colourful collection of creative characters (created by me) will be up until the 31st of August, so don't miss out on seeing them in person while you have the opportunity!

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